I wait….

I wait forever for you….

Whenever I’m alone, it’s like I’m lost. I’m trapped in this ridiculous mundane world that doesn’t accept me for who I am, and will never accept me, no matter what I do to try to fit in. Alone, I stick out like a sore thumb, that’s just waiting to get caught in the door.

But when I’m with you… something incredible happens.

My heart beats, and I can actually feel it. I smile, and I know it’s not a fake gesture. I laugh, and it’s genuine.

You have shown me that I am alive.

When I thought I was a goner, risking death and destruction every single day of my life, you came along, like a hero rising to the occasion. You walked into my life, and from that first moment I saw you, I knew that everything was going to be okay now.

You make the world different, but in a magical way that I’ve never seen before. With you, all time seems to stop, and it’s just a beautiful eternity that I get to spend with you. The trees seem taller. The grass seems greener. The air seems fresher.

It’s like something bad could happen at any moment. But as long as I’m with you, I’m going to be okay. Anything could happen, but if you’re near me, nothing else matters but you.

The sun seems gentler on my skin. The rain seems warm to the touch. Fire seems relaxing and calming, almost soothing to me.

So. As long as we’re together, I will wait for you.

Meet me in the fire.













Ello! The above was a bit of a writing prompt! I got the inspiration from a song (Fire by Felix Cartal & Clockwork, the Apex Rise Trap Remix Ft. Madame Buttons) It’s a fantastic song, I suggest you go listen to it. (This is not a promo, I swear!) 

So yeah, I thought I would try something a little bit different! Like, comment, tell me what you think and if I should be doing more prompts like this in the future. Thank you for all of the support.

See you lovelies next time,



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