Update on the update….

Kaylie messaged me, basically asking why I chose to include her in my Daily Emotional Damage rants.

Well, that’s pretty self explanatory.

Words were exchanged between us, some of them more colourful than others, and the situation had gotten intense. More intense than I would have guessed, but it went there.

I call her; trying to display emotion over text is one thing, but voicing it is more effective – whether that’s good effective or bad effective, same diff, it works.

After some shared words, I discover that the reason why there’s been heavy static between Kaylie and I is the fact that she has got the weight of a thousand sorrows on her shoulders. She’s been expected to carry the confessions of family members, the pain of inconsiderate idiots, and the dread of everyday bullshit, all like it’s supposed to weigh as light as a feather.

Well, it’s no fucking feather.

Kaylie had been keeping this shit bottled up for a very, very long time. And she said she felt that if she told me how she was feeling everytime I asked if she was okay, she would ruin my day. And she said she didn’t want to do that.

First off: I try to stress this to people I care about, and that’s to everybody near and dear to my heart – if something is bothering you, tell somebody. Whether that’s me, or a family member, or a therapist, or even the blue lines of a notebook. Tell somebody.

Do not keep stress and depression bottled up. Do not. That’s a recipe for disaster that nobody wants to clean up after.

After an hour long conversation, of heartfelt words and distracted tidbits, we’re back to the way we were. We have cleared the air and restored a bit of balance.

And thank goodness.

And Kaylie, if you’re listening: I will always be here for you.

Until the next confession,



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