I have these moments, where I’m so deep in dreaming that it’s something that’s kind of intense and really amazing, and as I’m sleeping, I can see everything: it’s fantastic.

Then I wake up from the amazing dream, and it seems to completely vanish, like it hadn’t even happened.

You know what I mean?

This one seemed to stick to me a little bit, yet the edges are starting to blur.

Here is the dream:

A cloudy day outside, slightly cold, slightly warm. I’m guessing this would mean that this could be the end of August, early September? But then again, it could just mean now because our weather is so hormonal. Welcome to Canada.

I wasn’t working, so Kaylie and I chose to go book shopping. (I’m not too sure why I’d thought about buying books; lately I’ve put myself on a book buying ban….)

So, we’re at this bookstore.

As we walk in, these two guys are looking at us. I can feel their gazes, even when I’m not looking. Kaylie doesn’t seem to notice them staring, because she’s showing me three different cover styles to The Lovely Bones, and she can’t decide which one she wants. She knows the book inside out, has a very, very worn copy at home, and would like a new copy that isn’t held together by three rolls of scotch tape.

I sneak a glance at the guys staring; and I am speaking such an understatement when I say that these two guys were stunningly beautiful. The main one who kept staring was tall, about six foot two; he had long, curly, dirty blond hair that seemed to make his high cheekbones stand out; and bright blue eyes, the shade of warming ice.

The second guy was equally attractive: he had quite tanned skin, short sandy hair with a slight spike to it, and eyes the same shade as sunlight through a glass of whiskey.

I’d never seen these two before.

Kaylie gets my attention, asks again about which book cover, and I tell her the original cover – somewhat distracted, I’ll add. She chooses a cover, puts the others two books back on the shelf, then says she wants to look for something in the cookbook section – her and her mother grew a bunch of rhubarb, and she wants to see if there is a rhubarb cookbook available.

But, to get to the cooking section, we need to pass those two guys.

I’m assuming she still didn’t notice them, because she went and walked past them like it was nothing. Like they were literally just two guys in a bookstore, that hadn’t been staring for the past few minutes.

I follow her, and as I’m just about to pass those guys, the blond looks at me, with those ice blue eyes, and says, “Excuse me, you look really familiar.”

I meet his eyes. I have never seen this guy before in my life. And if I have, it must not have been impactful enough to remember. Although if I’d ever seen this guy, I would probably remember him.

I reply with, “I get that sometimes.” I know, typical movie response, but I literally couldn’t think of anything else.

He smiled back at me – his smile, oh my goodness! I swear that boy’s smile could melt the North and South Poles even if he was located at the Equator – and said, “That’s understandable. I really don’t mean to bother you, but I’ve been trying to remember your name.”

To be kind, I hold out my hand and introduce myself.

He smiles again – again, that smile – shakes my hand, and says, “That’s the name…. My name’s Douglas, but Doug works all the same.”

It was now that I notice his friend, the one with the whiskey shaded eyes: he looked like he was getting annoyed by his friend’s actions.

So, introducing yourself to somebody because you think you know them annoys you?

I take my hand back, say that Kaylie and I should get back to our shopping – to which I look for Kaylie and she was already scanning the shelves for this book – and that we’ll see those two guys later.

It was then, that Douglas took a step to the shelf, pulled out one book, and held it out to Kaylie. “Is this what you were looking for?”

Kaylie stops, and looks at the book he’s holding.

It’s a complete rhubarb cookbook.

We didn’t even tell them what we were looking for, yet he knew? Were we talking too loud when we were looking at The Lovely Bones? The store itself wasn’t exactly quiet, and I didn’t think we were talking that loud….

Kaylie accepts the book, and I can tell she’s just as shocked as I am.

With a kind goodbye from Douglas – the other guy looked annoyed, still at this point, like being here another moment would ruin his whole life – both of them left the store; but before they completely vanished around the corner, Douglas paused to take one more look back.

And he smiled.

And, almost as quickly as the gesture had happened, it was over, and Douglas disappeared around the corner, leaving the bookstore.

I turn to Kaylie, who’s looking at me with a surprised expression. “How the hell did that pretty boy know what book I was looking for…?” she asked slowly.

I tell her that I wasn’t sure, that maybe we were talking too loud and he overheard.

“We were basically whispering; so if he heard us, he’s either got superhuman powers or a damn good hearing aid,” Kaylie said, looking at the book with amazement.

Still slightly unnerved by the situation, we paid for our books, and went to talk and deeply analyze the situation further over lunch.







And that’s the end of my dream! Probably not as action packed as you would have hoped, so I’m sorry my brain didn’t give me that sort of dream…?

But! I would guess the dream would have been longer if a squirrel wasn’t yodeling outside of my window at six in the morning; so if this story seems incomplete, blame the squirrel.

Thank you so much for reading! Follow me for more, like, comment if you can relate to this; I’d love to hear from you guys!

Until I drift off to dreamland,



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