Ello, lovelies!

My name is Hannah, and this page says I have to tell you a bit about myself, so… here it goes.

I’m currently 19 y.o., and I’m a dreamer at heart.

Professional weirdo, daydreamer, artist, writer, aesthetically high, ultimate creator, emotionally expressive, naturally tired.

My mind races sometimes, usually with things that would label me as insane. So, to save myself from that white padded room, I write. Writing is my therapy, and it’s saving me one letter at a time.

If you are interested in creative writing pages, I’m possibly a good choice! Please, take a peek at my work, comment what you think about them, follow me if you like them.

I accept requests openly, and I take criticism if you have any.

I only wish to share aesthetics with the world.

Come join the high with me.